Shannon Washington busted into the entertainment industry to challenge the status quo and hone the motto: Quality storytelling, over big budget.


Working mostly with micro-budgets, her dynamic content derives from resourcefulness, which pushes to enhances creativity. 


Shannon’s love for cinema originates from the whimsical wonderings of classics such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and the melodic storytelling of “Crooklyn” and “Do The Right Thing.” Shannon uses these influences along with her background in social psychology to craft content that resonates with her audience in an intimately visceral way.


Shannon's films and series are a blend of intellect, humor, wit, and emotion, driven by artistic expression. Her philosophy of being constantly curious and perpetually evolving is a staple of the content she produces, more particularly, in essence, is exploring the diversity of the black experience. 


She is currently working on a new film project set for 2021, and 2 series that are in development also set for 2021. Stay tuned for updates.

Awards & Festivals

48 Hour Film Project

won Audience Choice Award and Best Poster

Washington, DC - October 2018

Wheaton Film Festival​

"Liberty's Hollow" premiered at the Wheaton Film Festival - November 2017.


48Hour Film Festival​

"Good Bones" premiered at

48Hour Film Festival - Horror Edition 

October 31, 2017

Make a Movie in a Month

"The Basic Adventures of Super Jessica" 

premiered at MMM in Wheaton, MD - July 2017

Audience Award

48 Hour Film 

Project DC 2018


Official Selection 

Wheaton Film Festival 2017

"Liberty's Hollow"